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Think Lenoir County : A Community campaign to buy locally.


TLC - A Community campaign to buy locally.

TLC – A Community campaign to buy locally.

When you shop and purchase services locally, the sales tax dollars go back into building our neighborhoods though our city, town and county governments. Sales tax dollars fund our roads, parks, schools, fire departments and so much more. Our quality of life depends on it. In Lenoir County that adds up to over $12.2 Million. When you shop elsewhere, you fund their community projects. TLC and is a grassroots initiative developed by the Business and Tourism committee of the Kinston-Lenoir County Chamber of Commerce led by Wade Layton of BB&T. The group of community minded members talked about how important it would be to have a campaign that reminded residents to spend their dollars in the communities where they live, work and play. The group brainstormed a variety of slogans and tag lines and decided that TLC, Think Lenoir County might create the necessary buzz to catch the attention of Lenoir County residents. The committee built a tool box filled with the necessary items to help create excitement and sustain momentum. “This initiative is for everyone!” says Wade Layton. “We hope to reach out to all parts of our community, individuals and businesses, and get them involved and excited about the power we have to create a healthy community by shopping locally.”

So help us TLC and remember that when you SHOP LENOIR COUNTY, “The Buck Stays Here”

Here is information on how you can participate:

For Individuals...


For Businesses...

Mission Statement: TLC is a county-wide initiative to build a stronger economy through the advantages of local spending.

For more information or to share additional ideas contact the Kinston-Lenoir County Chamber of Commerce at: 252-527-1131 or